Department of Health

The department funds 12 child health teams in Victoria’s community health services (CHSs). The teams work with children who have mild to moderate developmental difficulties and behavioural issues. To do so, child health teams provide coordinated, community-based, multidisciplinary services.

Beyond the 12 CHSs that receive specific child health funding, many more CHSs provide multidisciplinary child and family services. All these services aim to improve the health and development of children, especially those at risk of falling behind early development milestones.

What child health teams aim to do

All child health teams aim to:

  • promote children’s positive health, growth and functioning within the community
  • ensure early identification, assessment and intervention
  • improve the capacity of parents and families to understand and manage their child’s health and development
  • support families to access other local services that they may need
  • develop partnerships with other early childhood services, including maternal and child health, early childhood intervention and family services, and preschools.

Victorian Child and Adolescent Outcome Framework priorities

Child health teams help address the following priorities of the Victorian child and adolescent outcome framework:

  • adequate nutrition/healthy weight
  • optimal language and cognitive development
  • adequate exercise and physical activity
  • positive child behaviour and mental health
  • safety from injury and harm
  • healthy parent lifestyles (including good parental mental health).

Reviewed 03 December 2021


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