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Note: The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist is working to update clinical guidelines and reporting directives under the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act 2022. Clinical mental health service providers can continue to use these guidelines referencing the Mental Health Act 2014 - these remain current until further notice.

This Chief Psychiatrist’s guideline sets out the relevant legislation and policy and establishes minimum standards for:

  • promoting sexual safety
  • supporting human rights
  • assessing and managing risks
  • identifying and responding to incidents
  • reporting sexual safety incidents.

This guideline provides principles and minimum standards for governance requirements, prevention strategies and responses to sexual safety incidents. It also suggests follow-up actions to assist mental health service managers, clinical directors, lived experience workers, clinical staff and other support staff in their obligations to promote a safe, therapeutic culture and environment. Services should develop local policies based on the guideline to promote awareness of sexual safety. The guideline provides a framework for local innovation in implementing the principles, to support workforce and practice development.

Chief Psychiatrist’s reporting directive

The Chief Psychiatrist’s reporting directive informs services of how and when to report sexual safety incidents to the Chief Psychiatrist. This document replaces the previous Chief Psychiatrist’s directive (Notifications of sexual safety incidents to the Chief Psychiatrist form and instructions, March 2018).

Reviewed 01 September 2023


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