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Tours, events and recreational activities in cemeteries

Key messages

  • Victorian public cemeteries are situated on Crown land.
  • Cemetery trusts are the appointed land managers for public cemeteries.
  • Conducting tours, events and recreational activities in public cemeteries requires the approval of the relevant cemetery trust.

Cemetery trusts may be approached by a person seeking to conduct an activity within a cemetery. Examples include cemetery tours, events and recreational activities. An activity may not be conducted within a public cemetery without the approval of the relevant cemetery trust.

Seeking approval to conduct an activity

A written application seeking approval to conduct an activity in a public cemetery may be submitted to the relevant cemetery trust. The application must include the following information:

  • Applicant’s name, address and contact details
  • Type of activity
  • Location within the cemetery
  • Number of activities, frequency and duration
  • Maximum group size for each activity
  • Vehicles or equipment to be used within the cemetery
  • Current indemnity insurance and workers’ compensation policy that covers any person engaged by the applicant
  • A risk management plan

Cemetery trust considerations

When deciding whether to approve an application, the cemetery trust should consider a range of matters including but not limited to:

  • Cultural and community values
  • Heritage values of the cemetery
  • Occupational health and safety within the cemetery
  • Current public liability insurance held by the applicant
  • Whether to restrict the location, number, frequency or duration of activities
  • Adequacy of the applicant’s risk management plan

The cemetery trust may wish to develop its own risk management plan with actions to be implemented by the applicant and/or the cemetery trust. More information about risk management is available on the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority websiteExternal Link .

The cemetery trust may also consider undertaking community consultation if it anticipates potential sensitivities about the proposed use of cemetery land.

Cemetery trust approval

Approval may be granted by the responsible officer of a Class A cemetery trust or by vote during a meeting of a Class B cemetery trust.

The cemetery trust is required to provide written approval to the applicant that specifies any relevant terms and conditions under which the activity can occur.

Reviewed 23 June 2023


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