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Land development costings

Key messages

  • Cemetery trusts can use the Cemetery Land Development Costing Model to estimate the base cost for the sale of a right of interment (ROI).
  • Trusts can submit a copy of the Cemetery Land Development Costing Model in support of a fee application.
  • The model assists with estimating costs associated with the planning, marketing and shared infrastructure of developments that relate to providing a ROI.

Cemetery trusts, from time to time, undertake development of new areas of their cemeteries.

The cemetery land development costing model, guidelines and user guide are designed to assist cemetery trusts to capture the costs associated with the development of cemetery land for the sale of a ROI for bodily remains, cremated remains and memorial walls. The costing model will assist the user to identify overheads and allocate the cost of shared infrastructure, such as pathways, roads and communal gardens.

The completed model can be used to support future fee applications associated with a proposed development area. The model can also be used to assist trusts to evaluate their current pricing of existing developments as part of a review to ensure products are priced appropriately.

Reviewed 12 November 2021


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