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Key messages

  • Cemetery trusts issue right of interment permits.
  • Cemetery trusts are required to keep records about rights of interment.
  • The relevant fee must be paid when applying for a right of interment.

Application process

An application for a right of interment permit is made directly to the relevant cemetery trust.

When applying for a right of interment permit you will need to meet the trust's documentation requirements and pay the relevant fee. Fees for each Victorian cemetery trust can be accessed using the Cemetery search.

Cemetery trusts have a number of record keeping requirements under the Cemeteries and Crematoria Regulations 2015 relating to rights of interment. The department developed the Application for right of interment form (also known as Form A) to help trusts meet these requirements.

Many cemetery trusts use Form A as part of the right of interment application process, however it is not mandatory. Form A can be completed by hand or completed online and printed for signature.

Reviewed 17 October 2023


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