Department of Health

The Medically Supervised Injecting Room (MSIR) was initially trialled for five years in North Richmond. In 2023, the Victorian Government introduced legislation to make the service ongoing at its current location.

Two independent reviews of the MSIR have been conducted over the trial period. In June 2020, an independent panel, chaired by Professor Margaret Hamilton AO, delivered the first review of the trial.

In February 2023 an independent panel, chaired by Mr John Ryan, delivered the second review. Mr Ryan, along with members Ms Chris Kotur and the Hon. Robert Knowles outlined 10 recommendations to the Minister for Mental Health.

The Ryan Review found that since its establishment in 2018, the MSIR trial in North Richmond has succeeded in achieving the trial’s central objective: saving lives. There have been almost 6,000 overdose events safely managed in the MSIR trial, and up to 63 lives have been saved.

Reviewed 04 April 2023


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