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Key messages

  • The Severe Substance Dependence Treatment Act 2010 (the Act) came into effect on 1 March 2011.
  • Section 41 of the Act required it to be reviewed by 1 March 2015 to determine whether its objectives are still being achieved and appropriate, and whether the Act is effective or requires amendment.
  • The Act was reviewed in 2015 in accordance with Section 41 and a final report has been submitted to the Victorian Government.
  • The Act allows for the detention and treatment of adults with severe substance dependence where this is necessary as a matter of urgency to save the person's life or prevent serious damage to the person's health.

Purpose of the review

The purpose of the review was to determine whether the objectives of the Act are being achieved and are still appropriate, and whether the Act is effective or needs to be amended.

Government response to the review

An independent reviewer examined the program operating under the Act, and considered contributions from 68 organisations and individuals, including clients and family members of people with substance use issues.

As required by the Act, a Government response to the final report has been prepared.

The final report on the review (two volumes) and the Government's response are available for download.

Reviewed 20 December 2017


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