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International Health Professionals Victoria (IHPV) was originally established as an information service in 2010 by the (then) Department of Health for international medical graduates (IMGs) and their Victorian employers in response to medical workforce shortages being experienced at the time.

Although there has been substantial change to the Victorian medical labour market since 2010, IMGs are still required to meet minimum criteria in order to be considered eligible to apply for jobs, and subsequently, medical registration. Here you will find the necessary information to help IMGs navigate the process.

Important Note: Prior to embarking on an assessment pathway we recommend that all IMGs thoroughly research public hospital job opportunities in Victoria. The Australian Government has a commitment to ethical recruitment and a policy to increase self-sufficiency within the medical workforce, which has resulted in a large increase in the number of Australian-trained medical graduates entering the hospital system. This, in turn, has intensified competition amongst IMGs for a decreasing number of hospital positions. Commencing on an assessment pathway does not guarantee you a job.

For international medical graduates

To be eligible to apply for jobs in Victoria you need to:

For employers

The department provides funding assistance to public health services and is also responsible for determining Area of Need in Victoria.

  • Area of Need in Victoria (application form, FAQs)
  • IMG support programs (rural public health services only)

Reviewed 11 October 2023


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International Health Professionals Victoria

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