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The Rural public health care agencies’ information and communications technology (ICT) alliance policy (the Rural ICT alliance policy) outlines the Department of Health (the department) requirements for the operation of information and communication technology by rural health ICT alliances.

The department expects that ICT alliances and member health services align their collective and individual ICT strategies to the Victoria's digital health roadmap for Victoria’s public health sector, using it to develop annual programs, business cases and initiatives for digital health investment across the sector.

The department recognises that common ICT platforms are important for supporting delivery and coordination of public health care and in ensuring the efficient use of government funds.

The department also recognises the ICT alliances’ achievements and supports their work on facilitating access to core ICT products and services for all publicly funded rural health care agencies.

The Rural ICT alliance policy is the primary source document in relation to ICT alliances.

All ICT alliance members are required to comply with all applicable law, regulations, orders, rules and government policies, including the Rural ICT alliance policy, and to take all steps necessary to monitor and ensure ongoing compliance.

The Rural ICT alliance policy supersedes Policy contexts and strategic directions for rural health ICT alliances (2 May 2006), the Rural health alliances working paper (May/June 2007) and the Rural public health care agencies’ alliances policy Circular number: 17/2008 (June 2008).

Reviewed 02 August 2023


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