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Key messages

  • The allied health workforce is agile, creative and dynamic, with a breadth of skills that can be applied to many exciting and varied career pathways
  • The allied health career pathways blueprint (the blueprint) provides guidance for individuals, organisations, sectors and government on how to strengthen career development and progression opportunities for allied health professionals at all career stages, ensuring people remain engaged, effective and excited about their current and future roles.
  • The blueprint also aims to establish a shared vision and understanding of the value of allied health to optimise its contribution to the health and human services sector.

In 2013, the Ministerial Advisory Committee for Allied Health conceptualised an allied health career blueprint as a priority allied health workforce retention initiative. The blueprint operationalises this concept by clearly articulating the range of allied health work streams and progression points within and across work streams.

The blueprint guides the strategic development of allied health career pathways at the system, organisation and individual allied health professional levels. It fosters allied health career development and progression opportunities by creating and enabling an environment where the full potential of allied health professionals is understood and realised.

The blueprint aims to increase system-level recognition of the allied health professions as a versatile and highly skilled resource that brings value to the health and human services sectors. For organisations, the blueprint provides guidance on the structures, processes and cultures that support allied health career development. At the individual level, the blueprint helps allied health professionals realise their full potential by building their understanding of the range of career pathways available and development activities that facilitate career progression.

Reviewed 01 February 2017


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