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Smile Squad is the only free Victorian Government school dental program

  • All students in government schools are eligible, with or without a healthcare card
  • All oral health check-ups and follow-up treatment are completely free (not including orthodontic treatment)

Smile Squad completes all the legal and safety requirements for you. This means that your school:

  • Does not have to enter into a licence agreement when Smile Squad visits your school.
  • Does not have to check documentation regarding licences, registrations and insurance when Smile Squad visits your school. All Smile Squad staff have undertaken Working with Children checks, and meet all necessary health and safety requirements, including vaccination of staff.

Private dental service providers

Schools have reported that they are being contacted by private dental service providers who also deliver mobile dental services to schools.

  • Private mobile dental services may vary significantly from Smile Squad. They may not be able to provide comprehensive dental care for students.
  • They may incur a cost for initial and/or follow up services.
  • Government schools will have to follow the advice in the Department of Education’s Dental Services policy and enter into a licence agreement if they choose to engage a private dental service provider.

View the school dental services policyExternal Link on the Department of Education website.

How to spot Smile Squad

Any correspondence schools receive should have a Smile Squad logo on it like the one below:

Smile Squad logos in three different colourways
Official versions of the Smile Squad logo - orange on white, white on orange and grey on white

Reviewed 06 April 2023

After-hours emergency dental care

Contact us

If you need to speak to someone about your child’s dental issue (non-urgent) please email your local Smile Squad team:

Smile Squad feedback

We would love to hear what you think of Smile Squad. Email us with your suggestions, feedback or complaints:

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