Department of Health

There are plenty of ways you can support your students' oral health beyond Smile Squad visits:

Online resources

Smile Squad has developed two brochures: Eat Well, Drink Well, Clean Well and an information brochure for parents and carers. The brochures can be downloaded from the Smile Squad oral health resources page and are available in English as well as Arabic, Dari, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Turkish, Urdu and Vietnamese.

Access to urgent dental services before your Smile Squad visit

If a student has dental pain, please contact their parent or carer who can contact their nearest dentist or community dental clinic for help. To locate their nearest clinic, they can:

Smile Squad hasn't reached our school yet. How can students access low-cost dental care?

If Smile Squad isn't coming to your school, or students need to see a dentist sooner, there are other ways to access dental care. Visit the Smile Squad school visits page if you'd like information to share with parents and carers.

Reviewed 13 October 2023

After-hours emergency dental care

Contact us

If you need to speak to someone about your child’s dental issue (non-urgent) please email your local Smile Squad team:

Smile Squad feedback

We would love to hear what you think of Smile Squad. Email us with your suggestions, feedback or complaints:

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