Department of Health

A healthier Victoria – here we come

At the Victorian Department of Health we want a future where Victorians are the healthiest people in the world.

A Victoria where our children and people thrive, where our workplaces are productive and safe, and where our communities are more connected.

We see it as our job to support Victorians to stay healthy and safe. And to deliver a world-class healthcare system that ensures every single Victorian can access safe, quality care that leads to better health outcomes for all.

Let's do a health check – where are we now?

Our health and wellbeing, both physical and mental, has never been more important than it is right now.

As a state, our ageing population is growing. Too many Victorians face health inequities and live with long-term ill health. The cost of care is rising and those who provide care are stretched like never before.

The pandemic continues to challenge our health system. But it has also shown the importance of better-connected care in partnership with those being cared for.

We know the challenges and we can see the opportunities to deliver the health care Victorians need now and in the future.

We see a bright future ahead for our healthcare system. One that ensures that all Victorians can get the support they need at the right time, in the right place.

What can you expect from us now and in the future?

  1. Keep people healthy and safe in the community. We’re making it easier for Victorians to get the health services they need in their communities, keeping our hospitals free for emergencies, and catching up on care that might have been put off during the pandemic.
  2. Care closer to home. We’re finding new ways to help Victorians by delivering as much care as possible in their local communities or at home. That’s care in the places they know; the places that deliver convenience and comfort for them.
  3. Keep improving care. We will deliver safer and more innovative treatments and care through our focus on continuous improvement. Victorians have the right to be confident that they’re receiving the best quality care, built on the best evidence.
  4. Improve Aboriginal health and wellbeing. Connection to culture is integral to health and wellbeing for our strong and proud Victorian Aboriginal community. We will work closely with Aboriginal people to ensure they have access to culturally safe care to keep them and their families safe, healthy and well.
  5. Moving from competition to collaboration. A well-connected health system, where healthcare consumers, leaders (or managers) and workers work together to deliver improved health outcomes and exceptional patient care. We’re committed to working together as one to deliver coordinated care for all Victorians.
  6. A stronger workforce. Our dedicated health workers are the backbone of care, and we know they’ve been tested like never before. That’s why we’re recruiting and training more healthcare workers, and making positive changes, to better support those who tirelessly support us.
  7. A health system you can count on. We’re working closely with our partners to seize a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a modern, safe, and sustainable healthcare system that meets the needs of all Victorians now and into the future.

These seven priorities are underpinned by an unwavering commitment to three core principles that form the basis of everything we do:

  • Principal 1: Value – Make the best use of resources to deliver great health outcomes
  • Principal 2: Partnering in health – Decisions about health involve consumers, professionals, families, carers, and communities as partners
  • Principal 3: Equity in health care – All Victorians can access culturally safe care and expect positive health outcomes

Playing the long game – what's next?

We know it’s a bold vision and it will be a marathon not a sprint. We’ve got a lot of work to do and we’ll undoubtedly face challenges along the way.

But proudly, it’s our job to make sure that all parts of the healthcare system – your healthcare system – work seamlessly together to deliver information, care, and support to all 6.7 million Victorians.

We're ready. Let's go

Our people and partners are dedicated and deeply passionate about driving the health outcomes that will help us to ensure every single Victorian has access to safe, quality health care so we can realise our vision of Victorians being the healthiest people in the world.

Reviewed 31 August 2022

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