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Activity 2.6: Engage stakeholders – plan and finalise phase

Key messages

  • Engage with the steering committee and key stakeholders.
  • Present the results of the needs analysis.
  • Determine the next steps.

Engage with the steering committee and key stakeholders during the plan and finalise phase to facilitate decision making and ensure successful outcomes.

Give feedback on outcomes to participating staff to embed an allied health assistant (AHA) culture within the organisation and so that staff feel informed.

You may wish to make a final presentation to the steering committee as part of this.

The downloads section includes a guide to the final steering committee meeting.


  • Present the results of the needs analysis using a PowerPoint presentation to provide a transparent rationale for the goals in the AHA workforce strategic plan.
  • Provide a written summary of the results or a visual representation of the results using graphs, charts or tables.
  • Use the facilitation techniques outlined in the Staff engagement forum and focus group guide to promote and guide discussion.
  • Provide clear timeframes for feedback and review.
  • Use executive support during this process.
  • Highlight the potential for positive change and the possibilities to enhance service delivery.
  • Link into existing meetings to disseminate results.

Activity outputs

  • Data analysis and AHA workforce strategic plan presented to steering committee and stakeholders.
  • AHA workforce strategic plan feedback sought from key stakeholders.
  • Final report and strategic plan disseminated.
  • Feedback on project outcomes provided to key stakeholders, including allied health staff.
  • Next steps determined with steering committee and stakeholders.
  • Project handed over to appropriate stakeholders.

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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