Department of Health

Victorian Assistant Workforce Model toolkit

May 2015

The Victorian Assistant Workforce Model (VAWM) for allied health is a workforce redesign toolkit to assist services in health, disability, aged care, community and other sectors to meet increasing demands on allied healthcare

The VAWM toolkit provides a structured process to build a sustainable and productive allied health workforce that is fit for purpose, with the capability to deliver the right skills, in the right place, at the right time - and at the right cost.

It will help organisations improve access to allied health, allowing more patients to benefit from care.

The goal is to enable allied health professionals and allied health assistants to work to full scope of practice.

The VAWM is underpinned by Victoria's Supervision and delegation framework for allied health (2012).

View the Developing a Flexible and Sustainable Workforce - Alfred HealthExternal Link video showcasing the Victorian Allied Worfkorce Model

Reviewed 06 June 2023

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