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Activity 2.5: Engage stakeholders – investigate and analyse phase

Key messages

  • Engage staff staff to ensure high levels of participation.
  • Consult managers before you start collecting data.
  • Consult allied health managers to confirm allied health assistants' tasks.

Engage staff during the investigate and analyse phase to ensure high levels of staff participation in data collection activities.

During this phase, you must also ratify allied health assistant (AHA) tasks with allied health managers. You may need to engage managers and advocate for AHA roles.


  • Consult with managers before you start data collection.
  • Give stakeholders written material such as flyers or emails to promote the activities.
  • Send reminder emails during the data collection period.
  • Reinforce that staff involvement will directly influence the outcomes of the project.
  • Engage and use project champions for each activity.
  • Have a physical presence throughout the data collection period.
  • Respond quickly to queries if they arise.
  • Anticipate managers’ viewpoints and workshop possible issues before attending meetings with managers.
  • Consider the practicalities managers face if new roles or tasks are created.
  • Identify examples of how tasks can be incorporated into sites/programs/services.
  • Organise face-to-face meetings rather than relying on email or phone contact alone.

Activity outputs

  • Managers consulted before data collection activities commenced.
  • Data collection activities promoted.
  • Allied health managers engaged to ratify AHA tasks.

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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