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Activity 2.1: Inform staff and prepare for information communication

Key messages

  • Look for opportunities to engage in informal communication.
  • Develop an elevator pitch.

Look for opportunities for informal communication during project implementation to engage stakeholders.

Use informal communication to promote the benefits of the Victorian Assistant Workforce Model (VAWM) and highlight its significance to stakeholders.

One method of informal communication to develop an ‘elevator pitch’ – a concise description of the project that can be communicated in 60–90 seconds. See the downloads section for an elevator pitch guide.


  • Link into existing scheduled staff meetings to inform staff of the project. This may alleviate concerns that the project is affecting clinical time.
  • Use a range of non-verbal communication methods, for example flyers and emails.
  • Seek opportunities for informal communication.
  • Engage and prepare project champions to promote the VAWM at different sites and departments.
  • Tailor messages to individual stakeholders or stakeholder groups.
  • Liaise with managers to determine the best way to engage staff.
  • Use the frequently asked questions page to prepare possible responses in advance.

Activity outputs

  • Elevator pitch developed.
  • Informal communication strategies developed.
  • Non-verbal communication strategies developed.

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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