Department of Health

Food safety is a key part of public health. Food-borne illness can cause significant harm.

The Food Act 1984 provides the regulatory framework for the food industry to ensure that food sold in Victoria is safe, suitable and correctly labelled.

The department shares responsibility for developing and administering food regulation with the Commonwealth Government, the Victorian Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, its statutory authorities PrimeSafe and Dairy Food Safety Victoria, and local governments. Together, these bodies promote consistent regulatory requirements in a widely dispersed and varied food industry.

The department publishes an annual Food Act report.

This report outlines key food safety activities undertaken by the department, including:

  • the new food safety reporting process for local government
  • training and professional development activities for food safety stakeholders
  • an update of the Salmonella strategy
  • enforcement activities undertaken by the department to help keep food safe for Victorians.

The topics in this section highlight three important areas:

  • work undertaken regarding the food poisoning bacteria Salmonella,
  • the new allergen reporting requirements for hospital emergency departments
  • activities to address an emerging issue of food safety of fermented products.

Reviewed 17 April 2023

Your health: Report of the Chief Health Officer, Victoria, 2018

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