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Key messages

  • A job with the Victorian public health sector will provide you with training, education and career opportunities.
  • There are two websites listing health jobs in Victoria – the ‘Health jobs’ website and the ‘Careers with the Victorian Government’ website.
  • To become a registered nurse in Victoria requires a three-year bachelor’s degree from a tertiary education provider.
  • To become an enrolled nurse in Victoria requires an 18 month Diploma (Nursing) qualification at TAFE or an equivalent training provider.
  • Postgraduate nursing courses are available that enable specialisation in specific areas of nursing.
  • To become a medical practitioner you need to undertake a medical degree from a tertiary education provider, followed by an approved period of internship.
  • To become a medical specialist you need to undertake a training program as provided through one of the medical specialist colleges.

We will provide health professionals (both students and medical specialists) working in the Victorian public health sector with opportunities to further develop their health career by accessing ongoing education, high-quality and innovative training, competency-based learning and career development opportunities.


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Careers with the Victorian Government

The Community, healthcare and nursing section on the Victorian Government careers website provides a listing of public sector health jobs. The site also provides further information about applying for jobs with links to resources.

You must register on the careers website to access the online job application process if you are a new user.

By creating a personalised profile, you will be able to apply for health jobs that match your health skills and experience. This also gives you the chance to showcase your entire health professional background. The more thorough your information, the more use you can make of the online job application, recruitment and information service.

Reviewed 25 October 2021


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