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Alongside the world-class health facilities and opportunities to advance your career in the health or mental health system, there is plenty to enjoy about life in Victoria.

From beaches to bushwalks, regional centres to a bustling capital city – there is something for everyone. Take the opportunity to combine career progression and lifestyle.

Testimonial: Ju-Wayne, Theatre Nurse

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      Ju-Wayne, Theatre Nurse

      My name is Ju-Wayne. I'm a registered nurse and I work at the operating theatres.

      I had a few years experience in the Philippines prior to moving to New Zealand, and worked there for seven years in the same field but we wanted more adventure, so it just made sense to move to Victoria.

      My colleagues at work - we are diverse, everyone has something to offer professionally and socially. There's never a dull moment at work. From surgeons or colleagues, nurses and our techs, it has been really supportive and it's just fun to be at work.

      Our work-life balance here in Victoria is better because of the work culture that we have, wherein our manager is really supportive with our schedule requests.

      When the time comes for play, we play big - we travel and we do mini road trips here and there. So for me that's a big tick for flexibility. We've been chasing waterfalls, lighthouses; there's lots of theatre. You just choose where you want to go and Melbourne gives that variety for us. On a Friday night we're already asking ourselves ‘what are we gonna do tomorrow?’ because there's so much to offer.

      Having made the decision of moving to Melbourne is a no-brainer and we love it.

    melbourne city skyline and the yarra river


    Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and one of Australia’s liveliest cites. It's bustling with bars, restaurants, cultural and sports events and diverse communities. It also has some of the world's best healthcare, housing, and education.

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    Testimonial: Siomha, Medical Officer

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        Siomha, Medical Officer

        I'm Siomha, and I'm from Ireland, and I work as a doctor.

        I actually knew very little about Victoria in general. I suppose when you're from so far away, when you think of Australia, you think of Sydney.

        But the more I read up about Melbourne, it really seemed like it was going to suit me as a city. I really am interested in the arts, and theatre and films. So, there’s so much of that here. And then there's so much on your doorstep. It's a really great base to have, so even if you just have a long weekend off work, you can go and do something completely different, get out of the city and try something new.

        Working as a doctor in Victoria has been very beneficial from a learning point of view. Because there's more staff on the ground, there's just more time to for our seniors to explain things, to allow me to try an intervention first, with their supervision. Even though it will take a little bit longer, there's time to allow for that. I've been lucky to find some really nice mentors within the area that I want to specialise in. And they've helped guide me into a Basics Physicians training program, which I've started just a few weeks ago.

        The community in Regional Victoria has been really supportive of us, and have made a big effort to get us involved in local events, and particularly the pub quiz every Thursday, which is really fun. You can have hobbies and interests, and just have a little more control of your life than I felt like I did when I was at home.

        So, I definitely recommend the move to anyone who's considering it.

      person looking out to sea on the coastline

      Regional Victoria

      Encompassing the rest of the state outside of Melbourne, regional Victoria has thriving communities and accommodates a range of lifestyles. Its landscapes include pristine forests, spectacular mountain ranges, beautiful coastlines, exceptional wineries, and historical towns. Take this opportunity to build your career while enjoying adventure at your doorstep.

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      Finding employment

      If you're seeking a role in a particular health or mental health and wellbeing service, you can find job advertisements online. Many Victorian public hospitals and health services publish jobs on Link while others, particularly in regional areas, publish jobs on their own websites.

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      There are plenty of options for accommodation across Victoria, from short-term accommodation to renting or buying a home. Visit Live in Melbourne to find out how to get started on your property searchExternal Link .


      Victoria is known as the Education State, offering world-class education opportunities for you and your family. Our schools provide a high-quality education, welfare support services, and extracurricular activities.

      The education system in Victoria consists of four stages.

      1. Preschool: a program for children before they start school.
      2. Primary school: for children aged between 5 and 12 years old.
      3. High school: also known as secondary school, for children aged between 12 and 18 years old.
      4. Tertiary education: our post school education system which includes universities, vocational training institutions and private colleges.

      The Victorian education system offers the right school for your child's need through government, private, international, and specialised schools.

      Visit Live in Melbourne to learn more education in VictoriaExternal Link .

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