Department of Health

We have developed 9 departmental translational research priorities and 5 underlying research principles. These support our organisational priority areas, as outlined in the Department of Health Operational Plan 2022–23, and delivery of the Victorian Health and Medical Research Strategy: 2022–2032External Link .

These priorities aim to:

  • address key health or health system problems, challenges, or opportunities
  • support the priority areas outlined in the Department of Health Operational Plan 2022–23
  • address disparity or need in priority cohorts, groups, and communities
  • reflect patient and consumer needs
  • have tangible impacts on the health of Victorians.

Partnering with researchers

We want to progress priority research by:

  • engaging with the research sector and health services to build research partnerships
  • enabling priority research through funding (where possible) and access to data
  • strengthening collaboration between researchers, consumers, and policymakers to translate research findings into policy and practice.

For more information on engaging with the department, please review the Department of Health Translational Research Priorities 2022-24, or contact the Health and Medical Research team at

For cancer specific research queries, please contact the Victorian Cancer Agency at


Reviewed 31 October 2022

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