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Patient delivered partner therapy (PDPT) for chlamydia

Clinical guidance and FAQs

Patient delivered partner therapy (PDPT) is when treatment is prescribed or supplied for the sexual partner/s of a patient diagnosed with genital chlamydia infection (the index patient). The index patient then delivers a prescription or treatment to their partner/s.

Clinical trials have shown that PDPT with a single 1 gram dose of oral azithromycin for chlamydia is a safe and effective method of treating sexual partner/s of people with chlamydia.

PDPT is one of a range of options for informing and treating the sexual partner/s of a patient with genital chlamydia. Health practitioners should discuss a range of partner notification options with their patient (including PDPT) to ensure it is the correct option for their patient and partner/s.

This page contains clinical guidance and resources for health practitioners on the use of PDPT for chlamydia in Victoria.

Also available on this page are frequently asked questions for patients and sexual partners.

Clinical guidance

Clinical PDPT flowchart

Clinical software prescription template

Frequently asked questions for health professionals

Frequently asked questions for patients

Frequently asked questions for sexual partners

Reviewed 01 August 2023

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