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Element 6 involves communicating project findings and promoting strategic plan priorities to executives, allied health managers, staff and other key stakeholders. It also embeds ongoing mechanisms to ensure the plan is sustainable.


  • Communicate the findings of the Victorian Assistant Workforce Model (VAWM) implementation.
  • Promote the recommendations of the allied health assistant (AHA) workforce strategic plan.
  • Establish a method for ensuring the implementation and sustainability of the AHA workforce strategic plan following VAWM implementation.
  • Establish agreed methods to implement short, medium and long term strategic goals for integrating the AHA workforce.
  • Identify key stakeholders who will drive the implementation of the AHA workforce strategic plan and foster the organisational workforce reform required to implement the strategic plan.


Element 6 takes place in months eight and nine of the recommended nine-month timeframe.


Element 6 uses all three principles of consultation, organisational priorities and change management.

Promoting sustainability

Element 6 activities are designed to ensure the results of this time-limited project are implemented.

These activities are also aimed at promoting sustainability for ongoing allied health workforce reform.

Reviewed 04 October 2015


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