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Key messages

  • Health services can assess the skills and knowledge of their allied health assistants using the four core competencies.
  • Each competency has a learning guide to go along with it.

The four core competencies allow health services to assess the skills and knowledge of their allied health assistant workforce.

The four competencies are:

  • individual therapy
  • group therapy
  • communication of patient information
  • equipment and environment.

Each competency is accompanied by a learning package that can be used with individuals or groups to ensure allied health assistants can meet the competencies.

These materials assume that the person has a Certificate III or IV in Allied Health assistance or equivalent, and that they are supervised by an appropriately qualified allied health professional.

About the package

The four modules and their learning guides are available as downloads from this page.

It also contains case scenarios and templates that you can use with your own health service.

Introduction AHA core competencies

Department position statement - Alignment of AHA training with workplace core competencies

AHA core competency template

Reviewed 30 August 2016


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