Department of Health

Key messages

  • Communicate the results of the project to everyone involved.
  • The final report will be a useful tool for this process.

Communicating with key stakeholders will help achieve strategic goals and workforce reform.

Communication with AHPs and AHAs involved in the implementation process will also continue the momentum towards embedding an AHA culture within the organisation.

Communicating results can bring to light key people who are interested in furthering particular areas of the AHA workforce strategic plan.

The final report can be used as a tool to provide feedback on outcomes achieved.

Make it easy for key stakeholders to access the final report so they can use it when they are supporting AHA workforce reform in the future.

See the download section for

  • a template for the final steering committee presentation
  • a template for the final report
  • a guide to the final report.

Forums for presenting the results and AHA strategic workforce plan may include:

  • linking onto existing meetings and forums
  • in-house seminars
  • organisation newsletters
  • publications
  • local, state, national or international conferences.

Activity outputs

  • Results and the AHA workforce strategic plan communicated to participating staff.
  • Final report disseminated to participating staff.
  • Future access to the final report communicated to key stakeholders.

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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