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Key messages

  • Present the results of the project at the final steering committee meeting.
  • This meeting is also a chance to agree on next steps.

The final steering committee presentation provides members with the results of the project.

The download section has a template for a steering committee presentation.

The final steering committee meeting should also finalise agreement about the organisation’s priorities and next steps.

Communicate with key stakeholders as well as members of the steering committee in order to ensure accountability, sustainability and carriage of the allied health assistant (AHA) workforce strategic plan.


  • Invite key stakeholders to the final steering committee meeting.
  • Schedule separate meetings.
  • Meet individually with staff.

Activity outputs

  • Final steering committee meeting scheduled and conducted.
  • Plan for sustainable growth of AHA workforce established.
  • A central storage point for the AHA workforce strategic plan, final report, raw data and other project documentation determined.
  • Future direction of the AHA workforce strategic plan agreed on.
  • Responsibility allocated for implementation of the AHA workforce strategic plan.
  • Evaluation of AHA workforce strategic plan implementation planned and agreed on.

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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