Department of Health

Key messages

  • Use the findings of the data analysis to develop strategic goals.
  • Keep the data from this process. It can be used for evaluation and to inform other workforce planning projects.

The findings of the data analysis will form the basis of the strategic goals and final report.

Keep the raw data after completion of the project, as it can be used for other allied health workforce planning, or to evaluate the implementation of the strategic goals outlined in the allied health assistant (AHA) workforce strategic plan (Element 5).

Keeping this raw data will allow:

  • comparison of allied health practitioner (AHP) work that could be delegated to AHAs
  • identification of ongoing priority areas for the allied health workforce
  • evidence for funding requests for new roles, service planning and/or workforce structure planning
  • creation of new and innovative AHA roles in the future
  • baseline data to evaluate new AHA initiatives and roles.

Activity outputs

  • Data analysis reviewed.
  • Results represented graphically.
  • Organisational priorities for integrating the AHA workforce summarised and presented.

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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