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This plan is 1 of 7 plans in the Victorian sexual and reproductive health and viral hepatitis strategy 2022–30. It builds on the objectives, focus areas and outcomes in the Victorian HIV Plan 2017–2020. It outlines the priority actions implemented to date and includes new and refocused priority actions needed to meet our elimination agenda.

Our vision

Virtual elimination of new HIV transmissions by 2025


  • Victorians are supported to reduce their risk of acquiring HIV.
  • Victorians living with HIV know their status.
  • Victorians living with HIV have access to best practice evidence-based treatment and care.
  • Stigma, racism and discrimination are not a barrier to HIV prevention, testing or treatment and care.

System enablers

  • Reducing stigma, racism and discrimination.
  • Strengthening workforce capacity.
  • Fostering partnerships and collaboration.
  • Strengthening and supporting data and research.

Monitoring and measuring progress

We will develop an indicators and monitoring framework in collaboration with key research partners and affected communities.

A mid-point review in 2025-26 will assess progress against achieving our 2025 and 2030 targets.

Findings will be used to refresh and refocus priority actions and activities in this plan.

    Achievements since 2017

    Undetectable = untransmittable (U=U) is a significant contributor to reducing onward transmission and combating HIV stigma.

    Thorne Harbour HealthExternal Link implemented the ‘What worksExternal Link ’ campaign in the mainstream Victorian media. It featured a person living with HIV who maintains an undetectable viral load as a way of:

    • challenging stigma
    • normalising living with HIV
    • building community health literacy about U=U.

    The Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment Bill 2019 amended the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 to reduce barriers to HIV testing for Victorians. This
    expanded testing to peer-led models and increased the range of organisations that could provide tests, including the PRONTO! rapid HIV testing serviceExternal Link .

    Living Positive VictoriaExternal Link established Victoria’s first HIV peer navigator service for people newly diagnosed with HIV. An independent evaluation found the
    program improved clients’ quality of life, resilience and treatment indicators. This service led to greater referrals to community and health services.

    As a result of increased referrals, the peer navigator service allowed for a greater reach to a diverse range of clients, reflecting the changing demographics of the HIV epidemic in Victoria.

    2025 targets

    The proportion of all people with HIV who are diagnosed will be 95 per cent.

    • The proportion of all people living with HIV who are accessing appropriate treatment will be 98 per cent.
    • The proportion of people living with HIV on treatment with an undetectable viral load will be 98 per cent.
    • 75 per cent of people with HIV report good quality of life.
    • 95 per cent of people at risk of HIV infection use one or more forms of effective HIV prevention.

    2030 targets

    • Reduce the reported experiences of stigma, racism and discrimination for people living with or affected by HIV in health and social support settings to less than 10 per cent.


    Date published
    19 Mar 2023

    Reviewed 20 March 2023

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