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Enquiries about the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act 2022

Members of the mental health and wellbeing workforce can submit non-urgent questions about the new Act.

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Act 2022 (the Act) takes effect on 1 September 2023. It replaces the Mental Health Act 2014.

The Department of Health has published information and resources to support the mental health and wellbeing workforce transition to the new Act.

These resources have been developed in consultation with workforce members and distributed to service providers.

Helpful resources published on this website include:

Act enquiry form

The Act enquiry form responds to non-urgent questions from mental health and wellbeing service providers and their workers about the operation of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act 2022 only.

If you are experiencing a health or mental health emergency, please call 000.

If you are a mental health clinician seeking clinical advice or guidance, please contact the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist.

The department cannot provide legal advice or clinical advice regarding individual circumstances or treatment decisions, or advice about other health or mental health legislation. Please ensure you have followed your organisation’s internal query escalation process and have reviewed the Handbook page related to your enquiry before submitting your question.

Enquiry form

Reviewed 19 September 2023

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