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Current residential aged care COVID-19 restrictions

Residential aged care facilities have several obligations under Pandemic Orders issued by the Minister for Health to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and keep residents, staff and visitors safe.

Guidance on COVID-19 risks for residential aged care facilities (RACFs) (Word) outlines the current Pandemic Orders, restrictions and COVIDsafe settings which apply to residential aged care facilities.

More information is available on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Victoria.

Pandemic Orders issued by the Minister for Health

The Pandemic Orders with specific application to aged care include:

  • Hospitals and Care Facilities Order – covers restrictions on access to care facilities
  • COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Specified Facilities) Order - covers requirements for mandatory vaccination of people who work in residential aged care
  • Workplace Order – places obligations on employers and workers to manage risks associated with COVID-19 and covers matters such as record keeping requirements, face coverings, QR codes and authorised workers.
  • Additional Industry Obligations Order  – establish additional specific obligations on employers and workers in specific industries, including aged care. This includes workforce mobility, face mask requirements, surveillance testing, workforce declarations and record keeping.

Providers should also be familiar with other Pandemic Orders that are currently in force. For example, the Movement and Gathering Order will be relevant to the circumstances in which residents are able to have outings and the requirements that apply.

Reviewed 21 December 2021

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