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Key messages

  • Use the data analysis completed so far to develop the strategic plan for workforce reform.
  • Have the plan endorsed by the steering committee.

The data analysis undertaken will inform the development of the allied health assistant (AHA) workforce strategic plan, which is one of the main outcomes of the VAWM implementation project.

Download the strategic planning guide for examples and details of the key components required for developing a strategic AHA workforce plan.

Having the steering committee endorse the strategic plan will help to ensure ongoing workforce planning in your organisation after the Victorian Assistant Workforce Model (VAWM) implementation process is complete.

Include strategic goals in the AHA workforce strategic plan to:

  • maintain staff engagement
  • embed a culture for promoting the AHA workforce
  • ensure workforce reforms are implemented, evaluated and continually adjusted.


  • List available resources and where they can be found, for example data sources.
  • When considering funding new roles, internal restructures determined by direct line managers may be an option.
  • Consider cost-neutral approaches or innovative funding models.
  • Contact other organisations to see if they are willing to share resources with you. For example, another organisation with similar roles that has already implemented the VAWM may be willing to share position descriptions, competencies, supervision structures and other resources.
  • If a strategic goal includes the creation of new AHA roles, you may also need to develop new governance, documentation and processes for these roles.
  • The best goals are measurable and should be in the form of a target to reach within an identified timeframe, and capable of being tracked period after period[1].

Activity outputs

  • Draft AHA workforce strategic plan that incorporates SMART strategic goals completed.
  • Draft AHA workforce strategic plan reviewed and feedback received from stakeholders.
  • Mechanisms for AHA workforce reform sustainability established within AHA workforce strategic plan.
  • Final AHA workforce strategic plan completed.
  • AHA workforce strategic plan endorsed by steering committee.
  • Mechanisms for maintaining staff engagement and promoting the AHA workforce included in the AHA workforce strategic plan.


1. University of Kansas 2013, ‘An overview of strategic planning or VMOSA (vision, mission, objectives, strategies and action plans).

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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