Department of Health

Key messages

  • Create a project plan based on the Victorian Assistant Workforce Model (VAWM) activities.
  • Include timeframes for each activity and allocate resources.
  • Report against progress.

The project plan is a working document that includes the scope and all activities.

It includes the dates and timeframes for each element activity, and allocates resources to each activity.

Use the project plan to report against progress. See the downloads section for templates for the progress report and Victorian Assistant Workforce Model (VAWM) project plan Gantt chart.


  • Review the VAWM aims and organisational goals regularly to ensure the project remains within scope and on track. This is particularly important if there are staff changes during implementation.
  • Undertake regular progress reports at an agreed frequency. These will be useful resources when completing the final report (Element 6).
  • If project staff take leave during the implementation, include this in the project plan so element activities can continue to be resourced.

Activity outputs

  • Project activities identified for the entire VAWM implementation.
  • Project plan and Gantt chart includes project activities, with a start and end date for each activity.

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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