Department of Health

Activity 1.1: Establish a steering committee and terms of reference

Key messages

  • Establish a steering committee.
  • Establish and document terms of reference for the steering committee.

Set up a steering committee to:

  • consider the priorities of the health system and the organisation
  • monitor project activities against plans
  • identify opportunities and challenges within the organisation.

Steering committee membership

Your executive sponsor will provide direction for the composition of the steering committee.

Suitable members may include:

  • senior managers in a position to bring about/approve change
  • senior representative/s from each site within the organisation
  • project champions
  • internal stakeholders
  • external stakeholders if applicable (for example representatives from primary care partnerships, Medicare locals, local registered training organisations).

Activity outputs

  • Steering committee members confirmed.
  • Terms of reference established and documented.
  • Steering committee meetings scheduled for the duration of the project.

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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