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Know what you’re taking

  • 18 October 2015
  • Duration: 1.38
  • Woman 1 - When I went into hospital, I took my medication with me. But then I was surprised 

    that they took me off some tablets that I’d been taking for years. 

    Man 1 - The doctor said as you get older your body changes and this can change the way 

    medicine affects your body. Sometimes, stopping some medications can help you feel better.

    Woman 2 - I guess the more medications you take, the more likely you are to have a problem or 

    get bad side effects. Which makes sense, really.

    Man 2 - I wasn’t too sure what the medicine I was being given in hospital was for and I didn’t 

    usually think of questioning the doctor or nurse. But now I know you must always ask 


    Man 3 - I asked them to tell me when they changed my medications so I could find out how 

    much I should be taking, and when.

    Woman 2 - I also like to know why I need to take it, and what side effects there might be, so I 

    try to remember to ask the nurse that too.

    Woman 3 (Italian) - I couldn’t quite recall the reason some of my of my tablets were changed 

    when I came into hospital.

    Man 1 - There was so much information to take in I didn’t really understand it all, so I asked the 

    pharmacist to write it down for me. 

    Woman 2 - She told me to keep an up-to-date list of my medicines with me, everything from my 

    prescriptions to vitamins and over-the-counter things. 

    Woman 1 - Now I know that keeping track of my medication – it’s really important. 

    Narrator - Know what you’re taking. Get well soon.

Know what you’re taking

Reviewed 18 October 2015


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