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    Woman 1 - I didn’t think you needed to eat and drink much in hospital, because you’re not

    doing a lot.

    Man 1 - But I found out it’s even more important than usual – it’s as important as taking your


    Woman 2 - In fact, it can actually help your medicine to work better.

    Woman 3 - The doctor told me it would help to speed my recovery and give my body a bit more


    Man 2 - And I need to eat and drink well all the time, if I want to stay well as I get older.

    Woman4 - Sometimes when you’re in hospital you don’t feel like eating.

    Woman 1 - I asked the nurse if my family could bring food from home so I had drinks and

    snacks on hand.

    Man 1 - I got into a bit of a routine, so that each time I ate or drank I’d get up and go to the

    bathroom or stretch my legs around the ward.

    Man 3 (Mandarin) - Sometimes I was embarrassed about needing help when I was unsteady on

    my feet.

    Woman 2 - I also didn’t want to ask for help sitting up to eat and I had a bit of trouble opening

    the packaging on my lunch.

    Woman 3 - But I quickly learned that that’s what hospital staff are there for. It’s okay to ask for


    Man 2 - Once I started drinking and eating regularly, it made a world of difference.

    Woman 1 - I guess the extra energy helped me to heal.

    Narrator - Keep up your strength. Get well soon.

Keep up your strength

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