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    Woman 1 - I always thought the most important thing to do when you’re in hospital is rest.

    Man 1 - I didn’t realise that staying in bed all the time could mean that you don’t get better as


    Man 2 (Mandarin) - It can lead to all sorts of other problems.

    Woman 2 - After two days in the ward, I was struggling with everyday things. Even walking to

    the bathroom, I was exhausted.

    Woman 3 - It got me worried a bit, so I asked my nurse – what sort of things should I be doing

    each day to help myself?

    Woman 1 - She said I should try to get up and move around as much as I could.

    Man 3 - And if I felt unsteady on my feet, I should ask for help.

    Woman 1 - It really helped me and I started to feel more like myself again.

    Man 1 - And you know, sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

    Woman 2 - It can be as simple as getting out of bed, walking to and from the toilet every few


    Woman 1 - Or just getting dressed each morning and sitting out of bed for my meals.

    Woman 3 - It used to worry me when the physio used to come by, but, you know, she wasn’t

    asking me to run a marathon.

    Man 3 - She just asked me to do a bit of a stretch, or walk down a corridor each morning.

    Man 1 - I always thought that being in hospital meant being looked after.

    Woman 1 - But now I know I have to help myself as well.

    Narrator - Keep moving keep active. Get well soon.

Find out why it's important to keep moving and be active while staying in hospital and what simple activities you can do to help you get well sooner.

Reviewed 18 October 2015


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