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Find out the different ways you can contribute to developing our Health Workforce Strategy.

We are currently developing a Health Workforce Strategy. The Strategy will outline the approach to long term workforce recovery, development, and growth, and identify immediate actions to support the health workforce now. 


Initial consultations with the health sector have been undertaken from August to October 2022. The process has engaged individuals and organisations from a range of clinical and non-clinical backgrounds, including healthcare workers, professional bodies, health services, and unions.

Consultations included four forums on supply, capability, wellbeing, and innovation, 11 workshops focused on targeted workforce areas and issues, and a range of targeted discussions with key stakeholders More than 500 people have participated in this first stage of consultations. 


The health workforce has contributed directly to the development of the strategy through participation in an online survey, which closed on Sunday 16 October 2022. The survey focused on core issues, ideas, and suggestions on training pathways, roles, career planning, skill development priorities and the future ambitions of the health workforce. Over 3,000 responses from across the sector have been received, and are now being analysed and considered. 

Written submissions

Initial written submissions have now closed. Input has been received from a range of organisations and individuals, ranging from brief comments to formal policy statements. Thank you to those who took the time to provide your thoughts and suggestions.

There will be additional opportunities to provide input to the Strategy development in early 2023.

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