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Entries are currently closed for the Victorian Public Healthcare Awards.

The 2022 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards have concluded

Thank you to everyone who participated in the awards and congratulations to our 2022 winners and finalists

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How to enter

  • Victorian Government-funded healthcare organisations that deliver public health services and programs can enter the Victorian Public Healthcare Awards. 

    Organisations eligible to enter can include, but are not limited to:

    • hospitals
    • community health services
    • mental health services
    • aged care services
    • integrated care centres
    • ambulance services
    • charity and non-government organisations
    • organisations delivering public health research and initiatives.

    An organisation can self-nominate and/or submit an entry for an individual or team within, or associated with, its organisation. They cannot nominate another organisation’s initiative or employee.

    Organisations that have worked collaboratively with other organisations can jointly submit for an award. 

    Individuals interested in nominating an initiative or person(s) for the awards are encouraged to contact the associated healthcare organisation(s) so its team can consider submitting an entry.

    Previous entrants

    Previous entrants, including those that received commendations, can re-apply. For commended entries, previous honours should be noted on your entry form, and the entry should focus on the new achievements, successes and outcomes since you lodged the initial entry.

    Previous winners

    Previous winners of General or Volunteer Awards cannot enter an award category they have previously won. 

    Previous winners of the Premier’s Health Service of the Year Award may re-enter an award category they have previously won. 

    If you are unsure of your eligibility, contact the Awards Secretariat via

    Find out more about eligibility in the full terms and conditions page

  • Review and ensure you fully understand:

    Please note the Premier's Health Service of the Year Awards and Volunteer Awards have specific entry requirements.

  • Your organisation can submit multiple entries, but a program or person can only be nominated for a single award. Please note that if the same entry is submitted for more than one award, all entries will be deleted.

    All entries must be submitted through our online awards portal, which will open on Tuesday 29 March 2022. We do not accept mailed entries.

    Enter by creating an account at the Victorian Public Healthcare Awards online platform.

    In the portal, you can start preparing your entry. Edits and deletions can be made before or after submission. However, entries cannot be changed or withdrawn after the entry close deadline.

    If you wish to prepare your entry content offline prior to entering it into the portal, you can use one of our entry preparation forms:

    Your entry must:

    • describe achievements across all criteria and respond to the introduction question where applicable
    • include a high-quality image – if you are selected as a finalist, this photo will be used in the awards showcase booklet
    • be endorsed by the submitting organisation’s chief executive.

    The following may also help you prepare your entry:

    Awards category descriptions and criteria

    Information on the judging process

  • Complete and submit your entry through our online awards portal by midnight, 27 May 2022.

    View key dates for the awards.

More information

See frequently asked questions below for more information. If you have further queries, contact the Awards Secretariat via

Terms and conditions

View our full awards terms and conditions.



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