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The 2022 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards have concluded

Thank you to everyone who participated in the awards and congratulations to our 2022 winners and finalists.

The Victorian Public Healthcare Awards present an opportunity for Victoria to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of our healthcare workers and public health services.

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See some of the excellent initiatives our finalists have delivered:

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      So our work involved co-designing a range of different cats and nutrition resources. We did this through a partnership of patients carers and health professionals all working together to build postcards infographic fact sheets animations and toolkits.

      We tested those in clinical practice at seven implementation sites across the state and that included four acute hospitals two community health centers and one GP practice. In rural Australia, there are not enough trained professionals providing the support that people need in today's Lifestyle the fact that the Outreach workers are here. They're at the end of a phone makes a huge difference despite the challenges of the past few years. We've created new innovative ways of working and have collaborated with our partners and continued delivering great care that advances health for everyone every day. Our staff have made this possible by putting people first leading with kindness and working together to excel as one role Melbourne Hospital.

      Our team came up with a new way of checking pacemakers and implantable defibrillators. This was using Remote device interrogation in the local pharmacy setting. This was something that we hadn't utilized before it was available sort of in the emergency department previously, but we use this technology partnering with local pharmacies to check pacemakers patients closer to home.

      We were seeing a lot of vaccinated people from some of our multi-ethnic communities in the local area coming in really sick with covid a whole heap of RMH staff and many different cultural and linguistically diverse communities came forward to speak in language on the importance of getting vaccinated. We have achieved the first Dermatology Telehealth service in Australia for provision of healthcare services to First Nations people. The best thing about service for me has been the gym near me that it provides First Nations people when they come to the scrub car grew out of the early days of the pandemic achieving meaningful powerful. Joyful connections with a healthcare colleagues here at the hospital across Victoria internationally and also reaching out to our broader community.

      We use the therapeutic impact of Music in the hospital setting to reduce stress and anxiety for staff and patients. We change the landscape of music therapy and Starfall being achieving a new way of working and being together. We found a way to deliver Health Care during unprecedented times as the state's largest maternity service. We supported many new mothers who had covid provided care to the many thousands of victorians with cancer or cardiac disease and cared for children with illness or injury. We manage the state's supply chain to help keep healthcare workers safe and ensured our teaching and research program continued to grow what we remain most proud of is the many acts of kindness that occur every day across our service and our Relentless pursuit of excellence in the provision of care today and discovery of care for tomorrow.

      Our connected systems contribute to the safety of those impacted by Family Violence across the lifespan. Our mission is to support our community to be free from violence. So that all members can feel safe the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Outpatient Clinic provides a culturally safe space that meets the complex needs of our patients. We promote self-determination and provide treatment and follow-up care that encompasses the physical social emotional and cultural needs of Aboriginal encourage out of the people. We introduced an integrated antenatal care schedule with Telehealth. It was video conferencing. So women measure their blood pressure, they measure the size of their tummies. They track their babies with us. We were there with them and of course we bought them into Hospital safely when we needed to we delivered over 30,000 Telehealth appointments during the pandemic. It was an exciting time.

      We listen to our consumers, too.

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