Department of Health

Victoria's digital health maturity model

A tool designed to assess Victorian public health services and align with the Australian healthcare system

The Victorian Auditor-General report, ICT Strategic Planning in the Health Sector, recommended that the department required comprehensive assessment of health ICT maturity:

“The department’s (digital health) investment decisions have not been informed by a comprehensive understanding of clinical ICT maturity or an inventory of key ICT assets in the sector. As a result, there is limited assurance that scarce government funding has been directed to address the most critical health ICT needs or has been appropriately distributed.”

The department has developed Victoria’s digital health maturity model (‘the Model’). The Model is tailored to the needs of Victoria’s public health service providers and validated. Victorian health services are assessed against the Model every second year.

Deakin University was appointed to evaluate the validity, usefulness and applicability of the Model. The review used a mix of methodical approaches, supported by an international literature review. Interviews and a survey of expert groups were conducted. Deakin concluded that the Model is:

  • Valid in current context at a qualitative level for Victorian health services.
  • More comprehensive when compared to other international best practice toolkits and maturity models.
  • Easy to use and understand for health services.
  • Likely to be applicable beyond Victoria.


Date published
15 Feb 2022
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Reviewed 02 August 2023

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