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Review of the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Act 2003 and Regulation and Licencing of First Aid providers - Discussion Paper

Prior to the 2018 Victorian electionx the Victorian Government committed to review the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Act 2003 (the Act). The review is now underway. The review of the Act will be comprehensive and will also necessitate rewriting the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Regulations 2016 (the NEPT Regulations). As part of the review, it is intended to regulate the commercial first aid sector for the first time and this will include a licensing system for first aid providers.

This discussion paper has been prepared to inform the NEPT and first aid sectors, and other stakeholders of the likely direction of the Regulations and the thinking that has informed that direction. Feedback and further information is sought from stakeholders and the public. To that end, the discussion paper includes a number for questions. Submitters are requested to answer only those questions that are relevant. Submitters are not expected to respond to all questions.


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27 Jun 2019
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Reviewed 28 June 2019

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