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The Mental Health Intensive Care Framework has been released for circulation and acknowledgement. The OCMHN will contact all services individually in early 2020 through their Senior Mental Health Nurse and Director of Clinical Services to discuss training and implementation.

A comprehensive state-wide clinical training program will be provided by the Centre for Psychiatric Nursing – University of Melbourne.

The framework further identifies and highlights key contemporary and best practice principles that are vital for mental health practice. It is with genuine connection, interest and compassion that we promote human rights and recovery for all Victorians.

Mental health intensive care is a specialist care type that provides supportive, safe and therapeutic engagement to individuals experiencing increased vulnerability during an acute phase of mental illness. Developed together with consumers, carers and clinicians, the framework focuses on the needs of the person and the promotion of choice and engagement. Mental health intensive care responds to individual vulnerabilities and risks when the severity of symptoms, distress or other factors such as environment, relationships, trauma history and social determinants affect a person’s ability to manage.

This framework forms part of suite of important mental health reform guidelines and frameworks which complement and intersect with each other, including:

  • Equally well in Victoria: Physical health framework for specialist mental health services
  • Nursing observations through engagement in psychiatric inpatient care
  • Electronic communication and privacy in designated mental health services
  • Providing a safe environment for all: Framework for reducing restrictive interventions
  • Framework for recovery-oriented practice
  • Working together with families and carers
  • Safewards Victoria
  • Chief Psychiatrist's Sexual Safety Guideline


Date published
09 Jan 2020

Reviewed 31 March 2023

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