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Community health reform plan

Strengthening Victoria's community health services

In August 2018, the Victorian Government established a Community Health Taskforce to provide advice to government on opportunities to strengthen the capacity of the community health sector to meet the needs of Victoria’s disadvantaged and priority populations.

The community health taskforce report seeks action from government around three key policy domains:

Clarity from government regarding the role of community health in the broader health system;

Support a sustainable sector to enable services to integrate with the broader system;

Creating a system and policy environment that drives quality and outcomes.

The many community health representatives who participated in the consultations and other activities led by the Taskforce have helped to shape the Government’s community health reform plan.

The reform plan articulates a clear role for the community health sector. It also outlines the current and future actions to deliver an accountable, more sustainable community health sector delivering high quality services to people who need them most.

In addition to the advice from the Taskforce some of the reform plan initiatives directly respond to recommendations arising from the 2018 Community Health Program audit by the Victorian Auditor General’s Office. Delivery of these actions will ensure that services are effectively targeted to priority populations, and enable community health services to demonstrate their impact on the health and wellbeing of Victorians.

The implementation of the reform plan will be undertaken in close collaboration with the community health sector. Regular updates will be provided on the progress of the reform plan including opportunities for community health services to actively engage in the design, development and implementation of key initiatives.

Community health services are a critical part of the broader Victorian health system and make an important contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of Victorians, in particular for vulnerable and disadvantaged Victorians.


Date published
12 Mar 2020

Reviewed 03 March 2022

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