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Victoria's clinical supervision framework for mental health nurses

This framework has been developed under the guidance of experts in clinical supervision to help mental health nurses to deal with issues that arise for them in their work. It will support and enable them to grow as individuals and as professionals.

It outlines our commitment to supporting mental health nurses in Victoria in accessing consistent, appropriate and effective clinical supervision and support mechanisms. It is underpinned by an integrative literature review, which looked at literature from 2010 onwards, including several organisational policies and position statements.

The framework development was steered by a group of experienced mental health nurses and nurse academics who hold specialist knowledge in providing clinical supervision.

Dear Mental Health Nurses,

I am delighted to present you with Victoria's clinical supervision framework for mental health nurses. The framework is designed to inform you about the potential professional development that clinical supervision offers, the models and modes you can engage in at an individual or organisational level and to share the stories and experiences of people who have found the value of receiving and providing reflective clinical supervision.

I encourage you to discuss clinical supervision with your managers at your service, as well as visiting the Centre for Psychiatric Nursing website for more information about making clinical supervision a core part of your professional nursing life.

As a mental health nurse, I know the value of good clinical supervision and how it can help your professional life. Clinical supervision has helped me grow and overcome many professional challenges in my career.

I have the privilege of providing clinical supervision to a small number off mental health nurses in Victoria. I also continue to engage in my own supervision as a method to reflect on my professional practice as a mental health nurse leader in the sector.

I encourage you to make the most of this framework to provide and receive effective clinical supervision. This will only continue to enhance the service we provide to the people we serve in Victoria, their families and carers.

Thank you again for the many hours of mental health nursing care and compassion you provide to our community.

Anna Love
Chief Mental Health Nurse


Date published
16 May 2018

Reviewed 31 March 2023

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