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Cancer services performance indicator audit 2021

The Victorian cancer services performance indicator (CSPI) program was set up in 2007 to measure and monitor progress with Victorian Government policy. In 2022 the government undertook a statewide audit across Victorian hospitals that deliver cancer care to check the status of specific elements of cancer care provided in 2021.

The performance indicators described in this report for the 2021 audit focus on multidisciplinary care and supportive care. Each Integrated Cancer Service (ICS) collects the audit data to monitor processes of care and identify where care can be improved.

The Victorian cancer plan 2020–2024 was developed under the Improving Cancer Outcomes Act 2014. It reflects the government’s commitment to health system reform by providing a long-term approach to improving cancer outcomes.

The cancer plan sets long-term goals to 2040 including policy, planning and research priorities. It provides key directions for specific action areas to reduce the burden of cancer. These goals helped in determining the performance indicators chosen for audit. The Department of Health sets targets for each indicator. The targets are longstanding and/or reflect the mandated cancer notification regulations.


Date published
24 Jul 2023

Reviewed 26 July 2023

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