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Application for cremation authorisation (Form 3)


This form is to be used when applying for cremation authorisation.

This form must always be accompanied by a 'Certificate of registered medical practitioner authorising cremation' (Form 4) unless the application relates to one of the following, in which case the Form 4 is not required:

  • the cremation of a still-born child (please check the 'Medical Certificate of Cause of Perinatal Death' form to confirm whether the application relates to a still-born child)
  • where an order has been made by a Coroner under section 47 of the Coroners Act 2008
  • a deceased person who died interstate or overseas and for whom an authority to cremate has been issued by the Coroner or other person permitted by the law of the jurisdiction where they died to authorise the cremation.


Date published
04 Sep 2023
Department of Health

Reviewed 05 September 2023

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