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A guide for the management and control of gastroenteritis outbreaks in camp facilities

This guide has been produced to assist in the management and control of outbreaks of gastroenteritis in recreational camps. Camps, schools and community groups should follow these guidelines to manage and control gastroenteritis (gastro) outbreaks.

If you suspect you have a gastro outbreak, the first step is to notify the department on 1300 651 160 and then follow the cleaning and control measures in this industry guide.

The contents of the industry guide for camp facilities include:

  1. Introduction
  2. What should happen in the event of a gastroenteritis outbreak?
  3. Infection prevention and control measures
  4. Case lists
  5. Faecal specimen collection
  6. Declaring an outbreak over
  7. Additional control measures for suspected food or water borne outbreaks
  8. Communication
  9. Staff education and training
  10. Privacy
  11. Media


  • Appendix 1A – Chlorine dilutions quick guide
  • Appendix 1B – Environmental cleaning quick guide
  • Appendix 4 Outbreak case list camp facility
  • Appendix 5 Signage – Camp facilities visitors_staff and unsafe water


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18 Feb 2019
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