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This document includes a list of high-level principles and representative requirements that should be included in any tender for a Patient Administration System (PAS), whether the solution is integrated or interfaced with an EMR, Emergency Department System, Queuing System or similar.

In conjunction with national requirements, this document also provides a minimum set of principles and interoperability standards for the Victorian Public Health Sector (VPHS). This will ensure continued interoperability of data applications across the state and position health services for both current and future state-wide and national eHealth directions.

The assumptions for this standard are:

  • Health services use the most recent and approved versions related to categories i.e. ICD-10-AM.
  • Where Health services are unable to comply with the standard, they will have a roadmap for their PAS application to work towards compliance with this standard.
  • Applications provided by the department’s Health Technology Solutions i.e. state-wide platforms such as iPM, comply with this standard.


Date published
31 Mar 2019
18 pages

Reviewed 31 July 2022

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