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About the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act (for Victorians with disabilities) – Auslan

    In Victoria, we’re working hard to improve mental health and wellbeing services for everyone - including people with disabilities, and people who are neurodivergent.

    We recognise that disability is another form of diversity, and that people with disabilities are experts about their own lives. We also believe that every member of the community deserves to have inclusive and accessible mental health and wellbeing support close to home.

    When you access mental health services in Victoria, we want you to feel safe, to be treated with dignity and respect, and to have a service that meets your individual needs.

    From September 2023, a new mental health and wellbeing law come into effect. This law is based on human rights, and supports choice, so you will have more say in the kind of treatment and support you get.

    You can also choose a family member, friend, carer or any person who supports you, to help you make important decisions about your care.

    Mental health and wellbeing service providers across Victoria must follow these laws. A disability cannot be used as an excuse to deny a person their rights. Your rights are protected by law.

    And if you need an advocate, someone to speak or act on your behalf, or if you need a translator or an interpreter - free confidential services are available.

    For more information, visit our website -

    Reviewed 18 September 2023