Department of Health

About the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act

    In Victoria, we’re working hard to improve mental health and wellbeing services for everyone, including people from different cultures, language groups and faith backgrounds.

    This will help every member of the community access the care they need early, and close to home.

    We believe that mental health and wellbeing services should be inclusive, and accessible to everyone, regardless of their background.

    If you’re accessing mental health services in Victoria, you have a right to feel safe, to feel respected and to have a service that meets your needs.

    From September 2023, new laws come in to effect. These laws are based on human rights, and they support choice, so you have a stronger say in what treatment and support you want.

    You can also make choices about having a family member or friend to help you make important decisions about your care.

    Mental health and wellbeing service providers across Victoria must follow these laws. You have a right to safe, inclusive and accessible mental health and wellbeing support.

    And if you need an advocate, someone to represent you on your behalf…

    Or if you need a translator or an interpreter…

    Free and confidential services are available.

    For more information, visit our website.

    Reviewed 18 September 2023